Hungryroot founder debuts Every, an AI-powered app for self-reflection and human connection

Prepare to embark on a journey of self-reflection and human connection with Every, the innovative app created by Ben McKean, the founder of Hungryroot. Every leverages the power of AI technology to help users establish deeper relationships with themselves and others. With captivating “thought-provoking games,” the app challenges you to explore your inner world and discover common ground with others. Through engaging gameplay, Every guides you to make choices that reveal your desires, values, and aspirations. As you progress, you’ll gain insights into how others have responded to the same questions, allowing you to uncover shared experiences. Every aims to foster personal connections and bridge the gap of disconnection in society, which has become even more prevalent in the wake of the COVID pandemic. So, are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and forge meaningful connections? Download Every now and get ready to explore the depths of your true self.

Hungryroot founder debuts Every, an AI-powered app for self-reflection and human connection

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Introduction to Every App

Every is an AI-powered app designed to help individuals establish deeper connections with themselves and others. Created by Ben McKean, the founder and CEO of healthy grocery delivery service Hungryroot, Every utilizes AI technologies to create “thought-provoking games” aimed at self-discovery and human connection. The app was inspired by the growing need for connection in a world that has become increasingly disconnected, particularly due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inspiration behind Every

The idea to create an app focused on human connection has been brewing in Ben McKean’s mind for some time. The COVID pandemic highlighted the fact that many people feel disconnected, even from those close to them. Shockingly, 58% of Americans report feeling like no one in their life truly knows them, and 70% feel that distrust is damaging society. Through his own experiences as an entrepreneur and leader, McKean realized the difficulty in forming connections at work. This inspired him to explore how AI technology could help bridge the gap and foster meaningful relationships.

Impact of COVID on Human Connection

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on human connection. With social distancing measures and lockdowns, people have been physically isolated from their loved ones and communities. This has led to increased feelings of loneliness, disconnection, and a lack of understanding among individuals. Every seeks to address this issue by providing a platform for self-reflection, self-discovery, and deeper connections.

Hungryroot founder debuts Every, an AI-powered app for self-reflection and human connection

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AI-Driven Games in Every

Every leverages AI technology to create engaging and thought-provoking games for its users. These games prompt users to explore their thoughts, feelings, and desires in a structured and interactive format. By using AI technology, Every is able to generate unique and personalized experiences for each user, tailored to their individual preferences and needs.

Thought-Provoking Games for Self-Discovery

The games in Every are designed to stimulate self-reflection and help users gain a better understanding of themselves. For example, the initial game called “Inner Odyssey” challenges users to select a photo that represents a place they would like to explore. Users are then asked follow-up questions about their travel companions, roles, and resonating advice. Through these games, users are encouraged to delve deeper into their own thoughts, desires, and values.

Comparison of Responses from Others

One of the unique features of Every is the ability to see how others respond to the same game prompts. After completing a game, users can view the responses of their connections, who are individuals from their uploaded contact list. This allows users to compare their own experiences and perspectives with others, fostering a sense of shared understanding and common ground.

Hungryroot founder debuts Every, an AI-powered app for self-reflection and human connection

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Integration with Uploaded Contact List

Every integrates with users’ uploaded contact lists, allowing them to connect with friends, family, and colleagues. By involving those close to them, users can strengthen existing relationships and discover new insights about the people they know. The app provides a platform for open conversations and discussions based on shared experiences and interests.

Potential Use in the Workplace

While Every primarily focuses on personal connections, McKean sees potential for adapting the app for the workplace environment. By customizing the games and prompts, colleagues can engage in activities that facilitate bonding and teamwork. This can help foster a positive and collaborative work culture, driving productivity and enhancing employee satisfaction.

AI Technology behind Every

Every’s games are created using AI technology, specifically by training large language models and leveraging technology from OpenAI and Midjourney. The app’s AI-driven games are inspired by various topics or individuals, setting the context for the generative AI. The team behind Every partners with inspirational leaders to develop games centered around their expertise and experiences. The AI generates the games in their entirety, and accompanying images for the game prompts are created using Midjourney.

Hungryroot founder debuts Every, an AI-powered app for self-reflection and human connection

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Training Large Language Models

A pivotal aspect of creating Every’s AI-driven games involves training large language models. This process helps the AI understand and generate human-like responses and prompts. By training the models over a period of six months, the team has been able to develop AI skills that can potentially enhance other AI-driven aspects of McKean’s main business, Hungryroot.

Partnerships with Inspirational Leaders

To ensure the games in Every are engaging and meaningful, the company establishes partnerships with inspirational leaders. These leaders contribute their expertise and life experiences to inspire the creation of games centered around their respective topics. For example, Hector Guadalupe, founder of A Second U Foundation, has partnered with Every to develop a game aimed at helping people develop skills for success after serving time in prison. These partnerships add depth and authenticity to the app’s content.

Structured Format for Game Prompts

Every’s games are carefully crafted using a structured format for game prompts. This ensures that each game offers a cohesive and meaningful experience for users. The prompts are designed to encourage introspection, contemplation, and self-expression. By providing a clear framework, the app guides users through a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Image Creation using Midjourney

In addition to generating game prompts and questions, Every utilizes Midjourney to create accompanying images for the games. These images add visual context and enhance the overall user experience. By incorporating visual elements, Every creates a more immersive and engaging environment for users to explore and express themselves.

Release Plan

Every plans to release one new game every day, reflecting its name and commitment to providing a continuous stream of engaging content. Each day of the week will have a specific theme for the games. For example, Monday’s games may focus on career-related topics, while Friday’s games may be centered around fun and leisure. The app also aims to tailor games to timely events, such as political themes during presidential elections.

Themes for Each Day of the Week

To ensure a diverse range of experiences for users, Every assigns specific themes to each day of the week. This allows users to engage with different topics and explore various aspects of themselves and their connections. By structuring the games in this way, Every ensures that users are consistently presented with fresh and relevant content that encourages ongoing self-reflection and growth.

Tailoring Games to Timely Events

Every recognizes the importance of incorporating timely events and current affairs into its games. By aligning games with events like presidential elections, the app creates opportunities for users to engage with and explore these topics. This not only encourages self-reflection but also fosters a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Benefits and Insights

Using Every’s thought-provoking games can lead to a multitude of benefits and insights for users. Some of these include:

Developing Self-Awareness

By engaging with the games and prompts in Every, users can develop a greater sense of self-awareness. The structured format and thought-provoking questions enable users to dive into their thoughts, values, and aspirations. This increased self-awareness allows individuals to make more informed decisions and pursue personal growth.

Finding Common Ground with Others

Every’s unique feature of comparing responses from others allows users to discover shared experiences and interests. This finding of common ground can deepen relationships, whether it be with friends, family, or colleagues. By understanding how they align with others, users can build stronger connections and foster a sense of community.

Inspiring Conversations and Deeper Connections

Every serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and discussions. Through the insights gained from the app, users can engage in deeper conversations with their connections. Sharing and exploring shared experiences and values can lead to stronger bonds and a more profound understanding of one another.

Team and Funding

Every was self-funded by Ben McKean, the founder and CEO of Hungryroot. The app is currently run by Sarah McKean (Ben’s cousin) and Maya Valliath. The development of the app was outsourced to a specialized firm. While Every is currently a free app and side project, there is potential for scaling it as a business with investor backing, depending on its success and user demand.

Public Launch and Availability

Every has been running in beta since March, fine-tuning its features and user experience. The app has now officially launched on the App Store, making it widely accessible to iOS users. Every is available as a free download with no in-app purchases, ensuring that users can fully explore and engage with its features without any financial barriers.


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